Others was the name for what became Leroy. 

The original inspiration was Richard Avedon's In the American West series.  Haunting images of vagrant characters against a white backdrop. 

People like wines are characters. Some are more interesting than others and often behind a pretty label can be found some pretty average wine. The wines we love are made by people who always find a way to express their own personality and where they are from in the wine. 

We've always felt that there was an unnecessary division between classic and natural wines that tends towards dismissive opinions on both sides. We like to drink both and we want to sell both and in a world where there is a tendency to dogma we think that drinking with an open mind is more important.

You'll find plenty of interesting wines serious and not-so-serious wines on Others and at Leroy from the 30+ importers we are lucky to work with as well as rare and hard to find wines that you wouldn't normally see in a retail environment. 

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We also launched a rotisserie delivery service in the first lockdown called Royale.

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